Root canal treatment

How do I know if I need a root canal?

If you need a root canal treatment, you will probably experience the symptoms of pulp tissue damage. Symptoms may vary differently between individuals but the most common symptoms of an injured or damaged pulp are:

-pain when biting down and chewing

-oversensitivity of teeth with hot or cold drinks

-spontaneous pain with possible throbbing pain at night

-facial swelling

Why do you need to get a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment stops the infection from spreading and alleviates the pain caused by the infected tooth pulp. If left untreated, bacteria from the infection can travel via the roots of the tooth directly to the tissues around the gums and jaw. This can result in a painful abscess. In severe cases, it can result in facial swelling that could be life threatening.  A tooth may ultimately require extraction if the infection remains untreated. Losing a tooth can lead to other problems, such as gum disease, drifting of neighbouring teeth into the space, increasing bite pressure on remaining teeth. 

An untreated infection in your tooth is a ticking time bomb. In some instances, antibiotics may offer short term solution however the infection cannot be completely removed until the infected pulp tissue inside the tooth is removed through root canal treatment. 

Does insurance cover the cost of a root canal?

Generally extras cover policies that includes Major Dental will cover a percentage of the cost of the root canal, pending on waiting period after initial sign up. The cost of root canal therapy will depend on the number of canals that need to be treated. This can vary from $900-$1700.  Additional fees for the permanent filling or crown, depending on each individual’s circumstances, will be on top of the root canal fee.  For rare and special cases, some patients will need to be referred to root canal specialist (endodontist) for complex treatment.

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