Crowns/ Veneers

Crowns/ Veneers

With today's technology, materials, and advanced techniques, we have many options for restoring weak, broken, chipped, or discoloured teeth bringing your smile back to it's original (or better!) shape and function. For unattractive front teeth, we can create pretty, natural shapes and shades by applying paper-thin porcelain veneers to the fronts or beautiful life-like porcelain crowns to the whole tooth.

For example, we can apply an all-porcelain crown to cover the entire outside of the problem tooth. Crowns are also helpful to cover large areas of decay.

Veneers are similar to crowns but mostly only cover just the front of the tooth. They are generally used on front teeth that do not have any prior restorations and either the shape or colour needs to be changed.

Why do people get crowns?

A dental crown may be needed in the following situations:

-To protect a weak tooth from breaking or restore one that is already broken. 

-To hold together parts of a cracked tooth

-To hold a dental bridge in place

-To cover teeth that are discoloured or misshapened. 

-To rebuild teeth that have been severely worn down. 

-To make a cosmetic improvement

What type of crowns are available?

Crowns can be made of various types of materials that are either tooth coloured or metal. 

These include:

-all ceramic crowns

-ceramic fused to metal crowns

-zirconia crowns

-gold crowns

-non precious metal crowns

-stainless steel crowns. 

Each type of material has its own properties and your dentist will discuss with you which type is the most suitable for each individual’s unique needs.   

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