Many medications both off the counter and prescription ones can potentially affect your oral health. 

Medications that have high levels of sugar may increase your risk of developing dental decay. These may include cough drops, vitamins, antacid tablets and anti-fungal tablets. Inhalers (particularly those containing steroids) can cause erosion of the tooth enamel. 

Another common side effect of medications is dry mouth. Without the cleansing effects of saliva, tooth decay and ulcers may become more common. 

Medications that can cause dry mouth include:


-nasal decongestants

-high blood pressure medications

-muscle relaxants

-anti depressants 

And many others. 

Radiotherapy of the head and neck can also potentially reduce the amount of saliva production and cause dry mouth. If possible, see your dentist before beginning any cancer treatment and if necessary prescribe products that may help increase saliva flow and quantity. 

What you can do

-Tell your dentist about the medications you are taking and your overall health. Both prescription medications and over the counter products should be discussed at your dental visit. 

-If sugar-based medication is used, rinse your mouth with water immediately after taking the medication.