Bupa Members First Dentists

We are excited to announce our participation in Bupa’s Members First Dentist Network as your local Bupa dentist Melbourne. We have been selectively chosen by Bupa as a Bupa preferred provider for Bupa dentist customers. As a Bupa Members First dentist provider in Camberwell we are proud to offer a high level of dental care and treatment to our Bupa patients. This high level of treatment and care will come at a lower cost keeping your out of pocket expenses low.

So What Does This Mean For Members Of Bupa?

• Guaranteed 60-100% back on dental treatments (dependent on level of Extras cover)

• Take advantage of NO GAP KIDS DENTAL up to age 25yo for eligible covers. 

• Know what your out-of-pocket expenses are for the majority of dental services

• Guaranteed competitive pricing (Bupa fees charged)