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Our Technology

Our technology

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are much faster and more environmentally friendly than the conventional film x-rays and they are also more comfortable.
Digital x-rays also use 90% less radiation!
We have intraoral digital x-rays as well as OPG machine for taking full mouth digital x-rays.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment can be a long laborious exercise for the patient. To make this treatment easier we use Rotary NiTi files which are much faster and easier to use, making treatment time shorter.


A full mouth panoramic view of your teeth and jaw all captured on the one image, essential part of diagnosis for patients who have impacted wisdom teeth.

Soft tissue Laser

A modern alternative to scalpel and surgery for management of many clinical procedures such as: control of bleeding, bacterial reduction, treatment of ulcers and cold sores, achieving more accurate impressions and hence precise fitting restorations.

Rotary Nickel Titanium and Apex Locator

These highly specialized equipment are designed to achieve predictable, safe, conservative and more accurate preparations inside the root canals to ensure successful outcomes of root canal therapy.

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